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7 Things Your Home Should Get Rid of This Bogi Festival

Things Not To Keep For Bogi
Written by Team Urban Tree

Bogi is the first day of the four-day Pongal Harvest festival. As per the Tamil calendar, it corresponds to the last day of the Margazhi month. It usually falls on the 13th or 14th of January. On this particular occasion, people usually get rid of their old things and start with a new lease on life. Spiritually it embodies discarding negativity and bringing positivity in your life. Therefore, you can often find people cleaning their houses during this festival, discarding their old, unused items. These unused items are generally burned on the streets.

However, this practice has been discouraged owing to several environmental concerns. Due to lack of knowledge and understanding, many common folks burn tyres and plastic items causing a massive amount of poisonous substances to be released into the air. In our effort to promote safe disposal of household wastage, we have compiled a list of items that your home should get rid of this Bhogi festival.

#1. Clothes that you no longer use

If you have already used clothes and fabrics, you better not burn it. By burning you are destroying the whole purpose of recycling. Check the condition of the clothes before you decide to dispose of them. These clothes are anyway going to fill up space in your room, thereby, you can give it to the less fortunate, or you can donate it to an orphanage.

#2. Cardboard boxes

Please don’t burn cardboard boxes, as they can be used to dispose of other junk items. Using plastic boxes or plastic bags to throw off the wastage is not a wise option as it is not environmentally friendly. You can even use these cardboard boxes as an organic compost as this is a great layering material for compost.

#3. Old electronic goods

We all have an additional or spare mobile phone, laptops, alarm clocks and even gaming devices. However, we rarely use them and it just lies stocked up in our cupboards and takes away much-needed space. Electronic goods need to be discarded safely for they can cause so much damage to the environment. If these devices are in the working condition you can exchange them in stores for exclusive festive offers instead of just chucking them out.

#4. Old & redundant toys

When you are having kids at home, you will certainly have toys that are broken and are no longer purposeful for the kids. These toys might clutter up space in your room and could be discarded. If you are having stuffed teddy bears and dolls, you can use them as attractive showpieces. Nevertheless, these broken toys could still be useful to a less fortunate kid. So, you can better offload them to these orphanages where these kids can play with them.

#5. Newspapers and used notebooks

Old newspapers must be discarded as they can accumulate a lot of dust in the house if left unchecked. This can be quiet problematic for people who are suffering from dust related allergies. To avoid this, you can give off these old newspapers and notebooks for recycling. You can also use these newspapers as a DIY book-cover or wardrobe cover. Used notebooks must be recycled in an eco-friendly method.

#6. Replace your old wall designs with new ones

Cleaning is the ultimate motive as per the traditions of Bhogi festival. So, in keeping up with the festive mood, you can get rid off your old wall designs by painting a new one. In most of the cases, the walls are discarded completely to be re-built. One of the most common reasons they are replaced is because of the damage caused over-time due to wear and tear.

#7. Used blankets, rugs and door-mats

Already used blankets, carpets and door-mats occupy a lot of space in your home. You can remove them from your home them by donating them to charity centres and orphanages. Burning them will cause unnecessary pollution and this could help the less fortunate people during the cold months.

Bogi as a festival symbolises the destruction of negative energy in your life and starting something new. Therefore, this Bogi festival clean your home of all the old and unused items and bring in new refreshing things which are bound to enlighten your life.

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