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Why choose Thoraipakkam- The place for serenity

Why Thoraipakkam
Written by Team Urban Tree

Everyman dreams of living in a house away from the hustle bustle of the city after his retirement. One often plans on taking a much-needed break from the fast moving city life and chaos that it brings along. But why wait until retirement when you can now live in the lap of nature while continuing to work at your own pace?

Thoraipakkam is a quaint area in Chennai that is situated on the IT Expressway also known as the Rajiv Gandhi Salai. This area was one of the first to adorn a six lane road in the busy city of Chennai. Situated right next to the IT  corridor Thoraipakkam has over the years gained a lot of popularity and momentum from the young working class belonging to the IT sector.

If you are looking for a property that offers you a serene atmosphere that you can escape into during your leisure hours and yet be close to your workplace then Thoraipakkam is your place to be.

Below mentioned are top 5 reasons why should you choose Thoraipakkam for your next heavenly abode.

1. Serene environment

Rightly situated on the banks of Pallikaranai marsh, Thoraipakkam is a part of a very significant natural ecosystem in Chennai. This area is rapidly developing as one of the most sought after residential premises that offer a scenic environment unlike the heart of the city that records high temperatures.

The marshy land in Pallikaranai is a freshwater swamp that helps in charging the aquifers of the region.

A place so serene and calm always poses as home to a variety of flora and fauna. A variety of exotic and rare species of fishes, birds, reptiles and butterflies can be spotted in this area. Floating vegetation of water lettuce and water hyacinth can be seen adorning the water bodies of this area.

If you are trying to escape Chennai weather but can’t afford a trip to the hill stations then a house in Thoraipakkam comes to your rescue.

2. Better Connectivity

As previously mentioned Thoraipakkam was the first area in Chennai to have 6 lane roads, an initiative taken in order to ease the traffic situation in this area. Thoraipakkam is well connected to the airport and its adjacent areas through the GST road, TambaramVelachery main road and Old Mahabalipuram main road. These roads are prime roads connecting the inter and intra state roads and providing expressways for the city commuters.

Apart from well-laid roads government has provided public transport that connects to other parts of the city. Share autos also form a cheaper alternative for commuting shorter distance.

3. Combating Pollution problems–

Thoraipakkam is now combating pollution related problem that previously harmed the environment of the city. After the ban on burning garbage and other medical waste pollution related problem has seen a drastic downfall. The air quality has been improved to a large extent and efforts have been taken to restore the environment of the area.

 4. Close Proximity to world-class education institution–

This area is mushrooming with many world class education centres owing to its prime locality and its ability to build up better infrastructure. State of Art Schools such as Euro kids, APL Global School, Little Angles, Buds n Blossoms and colleges such as DhanrajBaid Jain College (DB Jain College)and MNM Engineering College, CL Metha Pharmacy have made Thoraipakkam a new gen hub.

5. Prime location–

Thoraipakkam is becoming a popular residential area as it is attracting residents from across the city, who aspire to have a calm life while being connected to the city. It offers the best of both worlds where you can work hard by the day at the IT corridor and go bird watching as the sunsets.

Thoraipakkam has over the period blossomed into a prime location where the beauty of nature soothes the hectic life of a city dweller.  Thoraipakkam is rightly the new paradise in town.

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