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6 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Housewarming Gift Ideas
Written by Team Urban Tree

Buying a home is the most cherished decision of one’s life that is not only clubbed with a lot of sentiments but is also equally tiring and stressful. Moving into a new home is the next big task. Packing, transporting, unpacking, arranging and settling down at peace, takes a lot of effort. So, next time someone invites you for their housewarming ceremony, put a little more thought and walk in with a pleasant and thoughtful gift that makes them feel welcomed. Here are a few suggestions on what you can buy.

#1. Something Innovative For Their Kitchen

No, we’re not talking about gifting a mixer or a grinder. Totally old school! Let’s gift something that is both useful and modern. Go for a sexy looking blender or French press or waffle iron. For working couples, these will really be a blessing. If you’re thinking of buying some vessels, pick few metal straws, a copper teapot, few copper mugs and copper knives. Because, copper is the new cool, you know!

#2. Insist on Going Green

Presenting houseplants is a super cool idea for a new home. They will feel fresher and it does create a ambience of serenity. When it comes to potted houseplants, there are a lot of options. Bamboos bring luck and prosperity, kitchen herbs provide a soothing feel, snake plant and spider plant in your bedroom improves the quality of sleep, see more here and help them add a pinch of green in every room.

#3. Customized Gifts Catch Hearts

Personalized scented candles with warm and cute messages, cozy pillows printed with their photos or names, a doormat that has a really cute message printed on it, vegetable cutting boards with their names, coat hooks with their initials and the list goes. How can one be more thoughtful than this?

#4. Gift Cards Are The Best

For last minute plans, gift cards come as the saviours. It reduces your pain of searching for a perfect gift. Get a gift card worth your budget from a home decor store or clothing store or just get a card from one of their favourite shops. You are surely going to be remembered for this as you’re giving them the freedom of choice and the opportunity to splurge in the way they wish.

#5. Home Decors Are Most Loved

No! No wall clocks or photo frames. Too boring! Your friend or relative would have just settled and probably wouldn’t have got their hands on decorating. Simple landscape paintings will enhance the look of a wall. Wall posters of their favourite artists or things or wall stickers of their interests would make an amazing gift. Hey, why not gift a bean bag? Your friend’s family will definitely remember you every time they relax on it. Quirky gift idea, isn’t it? Based on your budget, you can also think of a piece of furniture like a study table or a tiny bookshelf.

#6. Technology Upgrades

A smart security alarm or a security camera is a thoughtful gift! Get them an Amazon echo or a wall mount speaker box also, if they don’t have it yet. Things like these will not definitely say idle in one corner of the room like other gifts. Smart switches and lights (dimmers) can be considered under this, as they will give a trendy look to any new home and be helpful as well.

It is the thought that counts than big spending. Getting into a new home is a momentous time for them and a small sentiment in the form of your gift that shows the little efforts and the thoughts behind it, will definitely be appreciated and cherished.


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