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Timber – The New Teak

People try decorating their homes with at most care and are willing to spend any sum to make their homes look classy. The usage of wood in the house is a main aspect which helps to increase the richness of the house. Many luxury flats in Chennai are in demand due to the increased demand in the high end segment of residential spaces.

Generally when the topic of wood comes up, Teak is the wood that takes up the major attraction from people. This is mainly because people largely are familiar with the look and sturdiness of Teak though there are many other equally sturdy timbers like Sal, Babul, Marandi and Sheesham. There are many reasons as to why timber has an upper-hand over teak. Aged timber is usually more reliable and sturdier, and at the same time much more affordable when compared to teak. All the traditional timbers from India can be used effectively for making furniture which can be used in our homes to commercial purposes. But with time they have lost their value to the expensive and polished wood like teak.

There are different types of timber which can be used as an alternative to teak; which will come with a faster propagation and be more sustainable and eco-friendly. For instance, Sheesham is one such timber which is very durable and resistant. Sal is a very hard timber and this material is used in building frameworks for doors and windows which is considered heavier and stronger than most of the building material. Marandi is a timber used for creating beautiful timber which is usually used in restaurants and other outdoor seating.

The excessive usage of teak today in buildings has made us forget the conventional timbers of our country. Teak is a sturdy wood but the nature of its cost does not make it available to many people. So people should start using our conventional timber which is both affordable and the same time beautiful.

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