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Tips to Overcome Mood Swings During Periods

Overcome Mood Swings
Written by Team Urban Tree

Let’s keep the hesitant feels that come with talking about periods at bay and discuss this fragile topic. While there are a lot of things that we have to deal with when it comes to periods like cramps and bloating, mood swings is most definitely the unavoidable issue of all time. The fragility of the mind makes you easily irritable and puts you in discomfort and distress during those 5 days. A few lifestyle changes and medications can apparently help you get down from the roller coaster of emotions. Below are some tips that would help you take control over the mood swings.

#1. Exercise

Mood swings are biologically caused due to the rise and fall of hormones, thus disturbing the mental health. The easiest way to escape this is to attack hormones with hormones. Yes, when you exercise, some feel-good chemicals are released into your brain that counteracts the hormone changes. The energy boost that you get out of exercising will help you with those stomach cramps and bloats. As nothing heavy is recommended during this phase, all you can do is go for a simple walk, run, cycle or jog.Exercise

#2. Frequent meals

Wonder how the frequency of meals counts to your PMS? They do, in a biological way again! Consuming a large meal at once increases sugar levels of blood, which could worsen PMS even more.  Having frequent meals will help you maintain your blood sugar level on a constant scale. Try to divide your meal into two and eat six small meals per day.Frequent Meals

#3. Change your food pattern

Cut down anything and everything that has sugar, sweeteners, salt, and fat. Add more grains, fruits, and veggies because all of these are said to enhance your emotions positively. You’ll largely benefit from this carbohydrate-rich diet not only during your periods but all month. Steering away from caffeine and sweets in the week before your period can actually prevent mood swings.Change Your Food Pattern

#4. Cut down junk

Craving for unhealthy but tasty snacks will never stop for most women, no matter what. Craving for salty and fatty snacks is more when compared to protein snacks. Always keep in mind that any food that is rich in carbohydrate content can help in keeping your glucose level steady. This will help you two ways – you can stay away from gaining unwanted fat and yes, you get rid of those mood swings for better.Cut Down On Junk Food

#5. Inculcate calmness

Irritability usually flares up when you’re way too stressed. So, find ways to keep yourself relaxed and cool-headed all through the phase. Treating yourself with serenity and love is all that is required. Besides meditation, yoga and exercises, get your skin some healthy mask, grab that book which you’ve been eyeing on for a long time, pamper yourself with a spa, listen to music during the afternoons and it can make a lot of difference to your mental as well as physical health.Inculcate Calmness

#6. Adequate Sleep

Being deprived of sleep will ultimately lead to stress. It is advised to sleep and wake up from bed at the same time so that you will have adequate energy to fight the stress caused. For some, PMS and insomnia are inseparable. Incorporating regular exercises into your routine can be your savior here.Adequate Sleep

#7. Nutritional Supplements

Deficiency due to nutritional imbalances either causes or worsens your mood. Consult your doctor and take all the vitamins that your body lacks and keep all the bad moods at bay. Many vegetarian dishes lack fish oil which engulfs advantages that enhances mood stability.Nutritional Supplements

These quick remedies will certainly help you get rid of those uncommon stress and anxiety. But, then if they seem to affect you more personally, say in your work or relationships, it might be worth consulting a doctor and taking some medications.















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