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Tips to help you Stick to your New Year Resolutions

Written by Team Urban Tree


It’s time to bid 2017 a goodbye and ask you if you have completed the new year resolutions you set for yourself at the beginning of this year! Or are you even close to completing it? If yes, then we salute you. Recent studies have shown that only 8% of people are able to complete the New Year resolutions set every year and you are one amongst that 8 %. But, if you are the not one amongst them then it’s time for you to be so.

2018 is fast approaching, and with all the New Year party plans that you may have made, you would also have your resolutions planned out well. After all, a New Year is the right time to gather up your courage and the perfect opportunity to give your life a fresh start with an open heart and curious mind. Given below are a few worth the while inspiring tips that will help you stick to your New Year resolutions no matter what.

#1. Give it a simple start

It’s a known fact that most of the people give up their resolutions within the first few days of the month. A simple start would mean dividing your larger goal into fragments of smaller goals.  Your wise start can have a great impact on your resolution set for the year. For example, if your resolution involves saving money start by saving 10rs or maybe more every day. You can save it in a piggy bank which you can open when you think you have enough money.

#2. Set smart but realistic goals

Another reason why we start missing out on the resolutions set is the fact that we set unreachable lofty goals for ourselves which after a point of time seems unrealistic. Understand what you want to achieve this year. Give yourself a specific goal and remember to not set your expectations too high. Set realistic achievable goals and take baby steps towards achieving it.

#3. Write and plan everything down

The first step to towards achieving your resolution is to write it down as soon as it is set. Start writing the goals achieved by you each day. No matter how minute it is, pen it down. That small change that you would’ve achieved would motivate you towards doing more and achieving what you want. Writing things down is the perfect way to push and inspire yourself towards the big. Have your plans written out in big, maybe on your notice board, or on a space which you will look at every morning. Doing this will motivate you towards achieving your resolution.

#4. Patience is the key

Rome wasn’t built in a day and your goals would not be accomplished overnight. No matter what goal you have set for yourself patience is the only key to achieve it. Keep yourself prepared for the days when you would lose your patience and also the bumps and detours that you would have to take. Keep yourself determined and don’t give up. Your journey through would be tough but it would also be rewarded with great results.

#5. Find a partner

A support system always works, especially one which gives you your motivation and push, whenever needed. Find someone, a buddy or relative, one who shares the same goals likes you and partner with them. Don’t be afraid of seeking help. To keep the foundation of your resolution strong, you would need all the support and motivation that you can get. This support can also come in the form of a trainer if your resolution involves fitness. Also, ensure that you don’t share your goals with a lot of people, for there are people out there who will try to bring you down by using demotivating words.

#6. Keep your progress in check

Keep a track on whatever you’re doing to complete your resolution. You can keep a track of your progress through a journal. If you are not a journal person, then become tech-savvy and use a gadget to keep a note. Jot down all the commitments you completed on a particular day, and also the ones that you have skipped. Don’t complicate it and keep it simple. Once you get habitual to this, review your progress and see how far you have come. This would not only keep a track of what you are doing to complete your resolution, it will also highlight places where you are lacking the most.

#7. It’s okay to make mistakes

The first set back you face, and you would be ready to give up on your New Year resolution. One day you skip your schedule and that will start becoming a habit. A bad day or a bad week can make you lose your focus on your resolution. Don’t let this set back stop you. Push and forgive yourself, have your focus and control over achieving your goal. Remember, not to be too hard on yourself, for that would completely distract you. The simplest thing to do is to keep your plan in mind and understand yourself.

Your goal is not far away. You taking baby steps towards the smaller goals itself is a huge step. Let your focus and motivation not get distracted. Keep a track of everything that you are doing. Ensure that you tend to follow all of the above-stated tips for with it you would be much closer towards completing the upcoming year’s New Year resolution.

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