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Tips To Keep Your Children Happy Inside Home On Rainy Days

Keeping Your Children Happy
Written by Team Urban Tree

Isn’t staying cosily inside the home with some hot chai and spicy snacks, the most preferred way to enjoy rainy days? While this is the largely loved way, it’s equally tough to maintain home and attend your family members during a bad weather. The turmoil can get worse, especially if you’ve children at home. Kids need to keep moving, however hard nature pours and it’s HARD to keep them busy inside the home without letting them run out in the rain. Here are a few real-time tips to engage kids during rainy days without much of work to you.

#1. Family Movie Day

Find a movie that all of you would enjoy, keep some munchies and drinks ready, cuddle amongst yourselves in the blanket, settle in and enjoy the weather with your family. With more to eat and a lot to enjoy, your kids are less likely to move away from you.

#2. Cook Together

While all of you have been only eating along all these days, this is the right time to bring them into your kitchen arena. Again, pick up a recipe that every one of you loves to eat and make cooking look totally fun by allotting each some task. Your husband can chop the vegetables, your children can roll the flour and what not. Besides engaging them with you, you also make them feel responsible for this way.

#3. Play Together

Try those classic board games with your family. It can be just the snake & ladder or a monopoly, but this is the easiest way to spend some fun time together with your family. Oh, you can also and always play Hide & Seek. Yes, we mean it. No matter, how small or big your kids are, playing this at home will be totally insane. Instead of counting numbers, ask your children to recite alphabets.

#4. Pretend Play

Get them a Doctor set (or hmmm, a household set or a teacher kit) and let them play. It plays an important role in moulding their imagination levels and helps them with problem-solving skills. We aren’t kidding! Ask them what would they want to become in the future and let them go wild at it now itself.

#5. Get Them Creative

It’s the right time to test their hands-on creativity. Get those acrylic or just washable paints and brush. Collect few stones or rocks from outside or give them few unused objects from the home and ask them to color it the way, they want. Basically, ask them to bring out tiny creatures out of those objects by drawing googly eyes and all that.

#6. Cook Their Favourites

Though it might look simple, it actually interests kids to wait for their most favourite dish being prepared by you. Give them tasty alternatives for healthy foods, now and then and make sure you’re keeping them informed. That excitement will keep them inside the home.

Monsoon is vulnerable to numerous health diseases, especially for kids and hence it is important to keep them safe and secure within your limits during the rains. Few things in the above list might not attract your children but as a parent, you ought to know ways to make them work. Enjoy the weather without much worries! Happy Monsoon 🙂

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