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Tips to Prevent Heat Inside Your Home This Summer

India being a tropical country is known for its hot summers and that too Chennai is said to be one of the hottest cities in India. Another thing Chennai as a city is now being known for is the boom in real estate investments. Builders and realtors find a lot of scope for promoting homes in Chennai and this is evident from all the big builders flocking to the hot bustling city.

This year, Chennai’s summer may see a temperature of 40°C on an average according to the weather reports given by Weather Underground. Such a high temperature is prone to affect the residents of the city both inside and outside their homes. Recently builders have started taking special care for the same and have started building homes in such a way that people do not feel the heat to a large extent inside the house. Using air conditioning in homes is the primary option but this may increase the power charges.

There are few things that can be done to reduce the heat inside homes in Chennai naturally. Here are a few tips that could be of help:

  1. Blocking the Heat

Two excellent methods to block heat are insulation and shading. Insulation helps keep your home comfortable and saves money on mechanical cooling systems such as air conditioners and electric fans. Shading devices block the sun’s rays and absorb or reflect the solar heat.

  1. Landscaping

Landscaping is a natural and beautiful way to shade your home and block the sun. A well-placed tree, bush, or vine can deliver effective shade and add to the aesthetic value of your property. When designing your landscaping, use plants native to your area that survive with minimal care.

prevent heat

  1. Shading

Shading can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 20°F (11° C). Effective shading can be provided by trees and other vegetation, and exterior or interior shades.

These are not the only methods for reducing heat inside the homes. Chennai is a very hot city and the people by themselves have to take some effort for reducing the heat.

For instance, builders emphasise reduced usage of electrical appliances and lights as these also contribute to the increase in temperature. By doing these things, the heat can be controlled to a level inside the homes.

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