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Quick Tips to Spruce-Up Your Home When Unexpected Guests Arrive

Written by Team Urban Tree

Your phone rings and it is your long-distance relative or your best friend’s family who says they’re near your residence and are planning to visit your home in sometime. (Wonder, why guests always turn up at a moment’s notice!) How do you feel? You’re happy to see them after a long time and soon you look around your home and think ‘Uhhhh’! The house is a mess. What to do now?

Worry not, we’ll help youget ready for all such surprise visits henceforth and your guests are sure going to be surprised at your home maintenance. Read this blog and have a plan in place! Let’s limit our focus to the living room, bathroom and the kitchen as guests are more probable to enter these areas.

1. Entrance

As soon as they enter, the first look that you give them matters the most for the rest of their stay at your home. So, if you’ve a carpet laid in the entrance just vacuum it or if there’s a tile, a quick mop would make it ready. De-clutter the scattered slippers if any and you’re ready for a sweet welcome.

2. Living Room

This place needs most of your attention and hence most of your cleaning time. Just draw the curtains, tidy the coffee table with a damp cloth and dust off the areas that looks dirty. Quickly throw dirty rags, if any in the laundry basket.

3. Kitchen

When it comes to Kitchen, your sink gets noticed the most. Quickly load them all in the dishwasher (if you’ve one) or just run water through them. Keep the used crockery out of sight and wipe the kitchen area all over with a cloth.

4. Bathroom

Your bathroom is the place that speaks a lot about your cleanliness, so never skip this. Wipe down the floors. Clear the trash. Throw away the hanging clothes in the laundry bag. Top up the tissue roll. De-clutter the rack. Make it clean, hygienic and presentable.

Quick Tips:

  • Quickly check if you’ve snacks and drinks to offer to your guests.
  • If you’ve a spare room, make it ready for them to relax.
  • Keep the lighting low such that they hide the imperfections.
  • The guests have come to see you and not your home. So, never apologize or feel sorry for the state of your home.
  • Air fresheners will be your lifesavers at such situations. Spray it up all over your home, especially the bathrooms and be sure to KEEP IT MILD. If you don’t have them, lighting up an incense stick would do all the magic.
  • If you feel you’ve a lot of mess to be cleared and you don’t have time for it, then just gather all those messy items in a room and lock it.
  • Don’t waste time in cleaning the areas that your guests won’t visit.
  • Walk throughout your home with a laundry hamper, pick up the garbage and put things back to where they belong.
  • Before your guests arrive, focus on surface-level cleaning and don’t involve yourself in deep-cleaning processes at the last minute.
  • To quicken up your cleaning process, get your family members also involved.
  • After having done all these, if you still find time, vacuum large traffic areas.
  • Now, all of these would’ve made you tired and grimy. So, just dress yourself up neatly.

Hope these quick tips help you in making up your home as these can be done in as little as 20 minutes. Try them out and let us know your feedbacks in the comments section below. If you feel, someone you know would need this as well, then SHARE this article with them.

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