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Top 10 Home Trends and Design for 2018

top home trends 2018
Written by Team Urban Tree


We welcomed 2018 with hearty celebrations. Well, now it’s time to welcome the new trends that the year will bring with it. 2018 is supposed to be an exciting year for home designs. While the top design trends for 2017 remained the subway tiles, rose gold and exposed lighting, this year has many new things in store for the enthusiastic homeowners. If we are to believe the top interior designers then home decor would be bolder than before in 2018. Some of the early predictions suggest that heavy cabinetry, vivid jewel tones and brass accents would gain popularity this year. So, if you are a homeowner with the end goal of refurbishing your interiors with all the modern home design trends, then here are some trends to watch out for.

#1: The Rise of Jewel Tones

Dark and vibrant jewel tones have made a bold entrance into the interior decor world. Pantone created an early buzz in the industry when they named UltraViolet its choice for Color of the Year. Sherwin-Williams followed suit by naming another jewel tone (Oceanside SW) as their shade for the year. Whether it is the couches on the living room or cushions that adorn them, this is the year to opt for those dark and glamorous jewel tones. However, restful rooms such as the bedrooms could use a toned down shade such as Lilac to keep the trend going!

#2: Heavy Cabinetry to meet storage needs

The white kitchens with their white cabinetry are a thing of the past! This is the year for kitchen cabinet shades such as blues, creams, greys and wood grain tones. Apart from the shades, the homeowners would move from the sophisticated, but less spacey, kitchen cabinet designs to the more functional ones. Heavy cabinetry is then another important trend for the year. This year will see the homeowners stack their kitchens with as many racks as possible to serve their storage needs.

#3: Brass makes a Grand Comeback

Love it or hate it – Brass is back, and this time it is better than before! From giving a vintage look to the lighting fixtures to adorning the kitchen cabinets with some style; brass would be the best choice of metal this year. They would even be used in the bathroom and dining fixtures to win hearts of the onlookers.

#4: Bold Floral Prints for Vintage Feel

Though the Floral patterns have been around for some time now, in 2018 their potential would be utilized in new avenues. They would be used to adorn those types of furniture and chairs. Largely looked upon as feminine designs, 2018 would see the floral patterns sway away from that notion. The floral, this year, would usher a sense of freshness to the rooms and even reflect a Bohemian, carefree way of home decor.

#5: Timeless Black & White

Quite a contrast from the darker Jewel tones, the classic appeal of Black & White will continue to find favour among the homeowners. Black and White, when used wisely, give the appropriate boldness and balance to a room. From the simple linens to the kitchen towels; black and white would rule in 2018.

#6: Decor dominated by Natural Elements

2017 was the year of tech-obsessed decor. 2018 would see a drift towards the natural and fresh materials in terms of home decor. Materials such as copper, granite, concrete and stone would be vastly utilized. These elements will provide an organic look and feel to your rooms.

#7: Vintage Lightings for Old Time Feel

This is a surprise entry into the list of design trends for 2018. Everyone expected this trend to fade away, but it has not. Vintage lighting fixtures with brass and copper finishes would remain a popular lighting concept for 2018. As the year proceeds one may see the blending of vintage with the new elements, in terms of the lighting fixtures.

#8: Farm House inspired Bucket Sinks

As mentioned before many vintage elements would grab the decor headlines this year. One such element is the simplistic looking bucket sinks, also known as Trough sinks. These pans would bring back some nostalgia to the kitchen and bathrooms.

#9: Over-sized Geometric Patterns

Just like floral patterns and the vintage elements, geometric patterns are veterans in the home decor world. This year will see them get bolder and dramatic. Over-sized geometrical patterns on the walls will augur well with other design trends of 2018.

#10: Color Splash with Agate Wallpapers

The general consensus among homeowners is that wallpapers are too mundane. Yet 2017 saw a lot more homes utilize wallpapers, and 2018 will witness a continuation of this trend. Agate wallpapers coming with their vibrant colours and uninformed lines will provide a natural yet bold look to the interiors.

So, which is the trend you like most? Write back to us.

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