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Top 7 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Written by Team Urban Tree


The next festive season is around the corner and you must be breaking your heads on what are the best Christmas decorations ideas again? Worry not. Get your crafting skills on rather than investing in expensive decorative items.  Give a twist in the tradition by sprucing up your home yourself this Christmas –with ideas like creating a tree, decking your room, adding more lighting and so much more. Here are some best and cute Do-It-Yourself ideas to decorate your homes for Christmas. Set them all up, spread cheers and enjoy!

#1 A sock is your saver!

Socks! Yes, you heard us right? Give them a second life. Striped socks will look adorable for these. Stuff some cotton into your socks, take two hair bands and tie the top to make ahead and place one more in the end to form a leg. Yayyy, Sock Snowman! Isn’t it super easy to make one? Try one for yourself and glam up your home.

#2 Used light bulbs?

Don’t hurry to throw them away when they stop working. Up-cycle some used bulbs, colour paint them and make pieces of dolls. You can also fill it with some water and drop some buttons or any kind of floaters into it and hang it on your ceilings. Your guests are sure going to bemused at your creativity in this place.

#3 Grab those old CDs

Back up the storage, store them digitally. Let’s do some re-purposing with CDs and DVDs. Break them into pieces and just do anything that you want to. You’ll end up discovering some really cute stuff. Paste them on the backside of a door, make a Christmas tree out of it, or use these pieces to form a picture frame, blow a balloon and affix these pieces over the balloon. Way too many ideas in your mind already?Time you get it going!

#4 Balloons & Threads

Balloons are not just for parties. You can make a lot of crafts out of a balloon. Pour some glue into a bowl and make a paste by mixing some water. Dip the thread in the bowl for some time. Blow a balloon and tie the end with a thread and wrap it all along. Diffuse the balloon and you’re done.

#5 Hardcovers are easy

While many of you would’ve already tried it, this space is for the newbies.  Pick some like-sized books with hard covers and make a Christmas tree out of it. You will be thankful later. Ensure to keep the size and height of the books similar. Even magazines and newspapers would do.

#6 Paper Work is an art in itself

What cannot be done with papers? Paper decorations always give that fresh look to your homes. Be it cut, twisted, folded, printed or coloured, paperwork is an art. It just requires some investment of your time. You can make paper lamps, flower curtains, chandeliers and the rest is left to you.

#7 Play With Buttons

Did you ever know buttons could be a part of your decoration? All you need is few different colours and shapes of buttons to make a cute art. Make an entire Christmas tree just with buttons or if you find it too time consuming, make smaller threads of buttons and hang them around your Christmas tree. Adorable huh!

Make every corner of your room feel festive with these simple and cute DIY decoration ideas. Elevate your home to the next level and let us know how you liked it below.

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