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With the internet at just a few swipes, blogs have become our new weapon of information, keeping aside books, magazines, and catalogues.  They have become a reliable source that provides us with everything that we need to know and keeps our inspirational level always on the rise. Same is the case when it comes to homes decorating blogs.  In this blog, we uncover some of the most talented home decor blogs that we can constantly turn to. Few blogs not only focus on home interiors but also touch on all walks of life and travel. Read below and bookmark your favourites right away.

#1 Polka Cafe

Polka Cafe is run by professionals and it doesn’t serve you hot coffees but enriches your mind with fresh stories on anything and everything. As fans comment, it is a visually rich place where experts contribute stories on interior decoration, styling, gardening, fashion, illness, entertainment, nutrition, food, fitness, travel, sports and much more. It’s a user-friendly blog that’s easy to read and navigate with wonderfully designed pictures. Altogether, Polka Cafe is a fun experience than just a blog.

Blog url: www.polkacafe.com

#2 An Indian Summer

An Indian Summer is a sensorial experience, started by Bhavna Bhatnagar that will take you around to a world of classy interiors, designs, travel, and lifestyle. She is one of the most popular bloggers who is identified and appreciated for her distinct style of writing and impeccable detailing. She shares articles from International designers and presents design from other countries as well. So, if you’re very passionate about interior designing, follow this Indian Trend Setter and make your home look chic.

Blog url: anindiansummer.in

#3 Rajee Sood

Rajee Sood is known for her impeccable taste and style in the blogging community. The best testimony for this blog is her own beautiful home which says how immensely talented she is. She writes on varied genres from kids to fashion to art and the blog definitely portrays the passion she has towards her work. For all things beautiful to decorate your home with, Rajee Sood’s blog is the right place and hey, she also owns a brick & mortar store.

Blog url: rajeesood.blogspot.in

#4 The keybunch

Seasoned with love, keybunch is a lifestyle blog from a content strategist. Decorating home is not the real fun but handpicking accessories based on your likes and needs is. Sharon, the author of this blog, will give you a new perspective on decorating your home. Beyond home decor, she effortlessly peppers your lives with colours.

Blog url: www.thekeybunch.com

#5 Design Pataki

It is one of the trusted online magazines in India for interior design, decor, art, and architecture. If you’re passionate about designing, Design Pataki is a dedicated site that shares eclectic writings on art and designs that inspires its readers to live a more creative life.

Blog url: www.designpataki.com

#6 Preethi Prabhu

Preethi Prabhu is a popular face which gets featured in popular dailies and magazines for her exemplary designing skills. For those of you who are looking to give a DIY touch to your homes, Preethi Prabhu is your saver. Her blog posts are not just a mere collection of words but beautifully narrate the decoration with pictures that make the readers grab the idea easily.

Blog url: www.preethiprabhu.com

#7 Tickled by Inspirations

Passion for home decor slowly became Rachel’s obsession that made her a popular blogger today. More pictures and fewer words are her unique style of communication and her fans adores the way she puts it across with before and after looks. Every blog post is tickled by inspirations from artistic works across the globe and hence the name.

Blog url: tickledbyinspirations.blogspot.in

#8 Trumatter

Trumatter is our favourite amongst all. Oh yeah, it’s India’s Most Favourite Decor Blog too. Run by Rukmini, Trumatter truly weaves multifaceted design ideas inspired by comfort and informality. Rukmini meticulously puts down curated home decor ideas that are definitely on your budget.

Blog url: trumatter.in

We’ve done a lot of research on this and we admit there is no shortage of style and passion amongst this bunch. Bookmark these blogs, take down DIY ideas that inspire you the most, try them on your home and do thank them for it in their pages. Because be it a well established designer or a DIY expert, a few words of motivation can work wonders.

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