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Urban Tree Oxygen – The Color of Future Homes in Chennai

Urban Tree is a builder who has created homes in Chennai from the finest of materials. The latest entrant in this list is their homes in Perumbakkam, Oxygen, which are created based on the green home concept. Being considered as the future in homes, eco-friendly homes are gaining more attention in all the metropolitan cities. Chennai being the ideal city to live green homes will give an afresh start to life.

A home that is eco-friendly should encompass one or all of the five key green principles outlined below and should:

  • Conserve natural resources
  • Use energy efficiently
  • Have improved indoor air quality relative to normal building standards
  • Create less waste to build and live relative to normal building standards
  • Be part of a livable community.

The benefits to a green home are two- fold first they are better for the environment, yourself, and your family and, second, they save you money over the life of the home. The homes for sale in Chennai  from Urban Tree includes Oxygen with all luxurious amenities. There are five main benefits to living in a green home, everything from a better return on investment to having a positive environmental impact:

  • A healthier home environment through improved indoor air quality.
  • A more comfortable home due to fewer temperature variations.
  • A return on investment through energy savings and lower maintenance costs.
  • A positive environmental impact.
  • A reduction in the use of natural resources.

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are two similar, but different, methods of reducing overall energy usage. Energy efficiency means achieving lower energy use through specific steps, such as installing appliances, equipment, or lighting that uses less energy. For instance, replacing your current refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR refrigerator would be an energy-efficient move. Energy conservation, on the other hand, means changing your behavior in order to save energy, such as turning off unnecessary lights and using your air conditioner/heater less frequently. By finding ways to conserve energy and become energy efficient, you can not only reduce energy bills, but also decrease the need to generate electricity.

Oxygen offers flats in Chennai which has significant financial benefits such as:

  • Proper insulation and air sealing will keep your heating and cooling costs lower, while efficient windows, appliances, lighting, and other household equipment will lower your electricity bills.
  • Green homes are built with high-quality building materials so they are more durable and require fewer repairs.
  • As the market demand continues to rise for green homes, investing in a green home now can mean increased value in the future.

The following additional benefits are just a part of the newest flats for sale in Chennai, Urban Tree Oxygen.

  1. Health benefits: Green homes use toxin-free building materials, utilize natural ventilation, and have fewer problems with mold and mildew, just to name a few.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Green homes use less energy than comparable standard homes. Often, green homes use alternative energy sources, reducing dependence on conventional energy sources.
  3. Use fewer natural resources: Green building uses fewer natural resources and many of the materials used have recycled contents, keeping with the resource conservation green principle.

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