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Vintage Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

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Written by Team Urban Tree

The world of technology and fashion has already turned its head back to the centuries and that is now popularly being called ‘The Vintage Style’ or ‘The Retro style’. The love for traditional things is very much seen in other sectors as well. The classics are loved not just in clothing and accessories but in home interiors and furniture as well. Creating something new with the old to recreate the elegance of the past is what has been loved in the recent times. In this blog, we shall help you create your own retro style at home and make you a pro at maintaining the retro.

#1. Walls Speak Style

The pastel colours and the wall tones are the first thing to work with when you wish for a vintage touch throughout your home. Be it wall decals or colours, the combination that you stick to, they will speak volumes of your style. Pick some unique wallpaper that reflect certain iconic periods of the past or imitate rustic walls through pastels or create new patterns with strong colours like intense yellow, red and orange. They say Polka dots are the new cool in the vintage style. Try them out as well!Creative Wall Decoration

#2. Vintage-Inspired Furniture

The rule of thumb here is to mix old and new furniture in style. The vintage feel is best delivered through the kind of rugs and furniture you choose to keep. If you are looking for a budgeted design, pick old and worn furniture from shops and ace the look. Tiny things like rustic tables and drawers might do wonders. If you’re free on the budget and are just looking for anything vintage to buy, then there are innumerable brands that sell exotic vintage pieces of furniture. Find out and grab them on a click!Vintage Inspired Furniture

#3.  Floors Speak Too

When you are destined to give your interiors, a vintage look, the carpets that your floor holds play an important role. Handmade carpets printed elegantly and those that carry an authentic look should serve the purpose. Give a personal touch by going for floor specific carpets. Stick to intense colour schemes and don’t try overdoing it.Handmade Carpet

#4. Beauty is in the details

From plates to sofas, you can incorporate vintage style. Take out those old jars, bottles and spoons and give them a new look. Put newspapers to good use and use classic vases to store fruits and vegetables. A simpler way to bring in retro style is to frame old photographs and hang them all around your home. When you bring old memories into your home, you’re inviting the Classic Hero inside.

#5. Dare to Experiment

A club of any random piece in your home with a simple vintage piece might turn into a signature product. Is your child’s chalkboard lying useless on the floor? Turn it into a wow piece now! Try placing it inside an antique frame and hang it on the wall of your child’s room. A retro style message board is ready! Look things differently and experiment with them.Retro Style Decoration


#6. Mirrors

Mirrors with intricate detailing can add more beauty to the walls. If your home or a particular is room is shy of space, hang a vintage mirror and create an illusion for more space. Mirrors always add on to the vintage feel when rightly placed either on the walls or beside a coffee table. Remember, mirrors amplify light and make your room look graciously inviting.Mirrors

#7. A Signature Piece

Just one! For those who feel it’s unrealistic to pull off the vintage look all around your home, here’s a pro tip for you. Than sourcing a lot of retro-elements and overcrowding your home, get a statement piece like a chic sofa or a table that is  more than just being eclectic and give it proper lighting. Put all your love for the vintage style in that one masterpiece and it will speak for you.

Seek modernity while you choose to retain and pick old things. This way, you’ll end up adding more elegance to your classic interiors. Fuel your imagination and pick all the rucksacks around your home to create your own vintage style and inspire everyone.

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