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Water Leakage Issues at Homes

water leakages issues
Written by Team Urban Tree

The construction of flats and apartments has many issues if they are not constructed with care. Water leakage due to rain is one of the main issues in apartments in Chennai and of recently the rains have been creating a lot of problems for the houses in the city. There are many other reasons for water leakage in flats like if the cementing process is not properly done in the bathrooms and toilets of the first floor or any higher floors, it affects the people living below. For instance, the layout may be such that, in the first floor where bathroom and toilet are positioned, in ground floor the kitchen may be located in that area and the leakage in that area will affect the day to day life of the people in both the flats.

Water Leakage Issues
Constructions experts have given few suggestions to avoid water leakage and they are listed out below:


  1. Water proof cementing must be done before constructing the toilets or bathrooms no matter what floor the house is located.
  2. In pre-constructed houses, the upper concrete is to be broken and water proof concrete should be cemented for the first 20 mm.
  3. On top of the cemented surface place bricks to the thickness of 115 mm and fill up the gap in between the bricks with 10mm of water proof concrete mixture.
  4. Proper flow of water in the bathroom should be planned at this stage itself.
  5. After this cement the floor with 40 mm of concrete mixed with special chemicals and on this have a layer of concrete from 3-6mm and then tiles has to be laid down. After this the bathroom and toilet fixtures have to be fitted.
  6. The leakage should be tested in accordance with the thickness of cement laid, for instance is 24 mm is laid then it should be left for 24 hours in order to test for water leakage. All these procedures should be done only under the supervision of experts who have knowledge about the water proofing chemicals.

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