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11 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Odours from Your Home

Ways to get rid of bad odour from home
Written by Team Urban Tree

Your household is prone to many smells because of dirt, dust and other unclean substances like sweat and dead skin cells that you shed every day. All of these give rise to odours that are unpleasant and embarrassing. A clean and well-maintained house will have a neutral or pleasant smell. There are many easy ways for eliminating odour. Let’s look at some of the quick fixes that help ensure household odour is kept at bay.

Potted Flowering Plants:

Indoor plants are not only beautiful but also serve the purpose of providing an inviting smell. Those that have flowers are all the more useful in maintaining that gratifying aura. The essential oils in flowers have a subtle and delicate smell that keeps away odours.


Potpourri offers a long lasting fragrance that is ideal to get rid of foul smells. It is relaxing and mesmerizing to have potpourri in the living area. The fact that it contains many natural substances rather than artificial, adds to the organic element. In terms of cost, potpourri is an affordable way to revitalize the odour of your household.

Fragrant Incense:

Incense sticks are synonymous with the aroma. To maximize the benefits of these sticks, you can look for brands with good quality, non-toxic incense. It is a great cleansing agent and offers the perfect aura to a clean home.

Scented candles:


Scented candles are a great way to rid your home of odours. The market offers a large variety of flavours to choose from. If you’re someone that loves artisan work, you can make an attempt at candle making by using various natural ingredients.

Closed dustbins:

Keeping your bins and trash cans closed will help eliminate odour at your home. This will also prevent bugs and flies from infesting around the waste and keep your home hygienic. The cleaner your home is the lesser its chances of having a foul odour.

Moisture-free Fabrics:

Any fabric that holds a lot of moisture in it will start smelling and reek of a strong odour. These fabrics that are emitting foul smells lose their smell upon regular washes.

Cross Ventilation:

It is easy to open up all the windows in the house to make sure that the bad smell doesn’t overpower the interiors. It is a quick fix when it comes to eliminating odour. Make sure to keep the windowpanes clean and dust the windows before opening them up.

Organic Room-sprays:

These are easy to make and one can incorporate various essential oils that will eliminate the foul odour. All it requires is adding a bit of water to any ingredient that is part of the spray.

Essential Oils:

Hydrosols emit a pleasing smell and are really beneficial to your health too. Any foul smell is easily kept at bay when we store these oils in cartons and mason jars with small holes that help in eliminating foul smells. They make a great display and are easy to store as all they require are some jars.

Gel Air Fresheners:

Air fresheners in all forms are extremely useful in extinguishing repulsive smell. Gel air fresheners are easy to make at home. They are a cost effect way to eliminate unsavory odour. Instructions on how to make one can be found online. Once the mixture solidifies, you can place the gel wherever required.

Citrus Based Fragrance:

orange peel for odours in home

Citric acid is commonly found in many households such as lemons, oranges and the like. They are quite useful when it comes to eliminating repulsive smells. All you need to do is place a few slices of lemon or orange peel in a bowl for the odour to go away.


Your home is prone to foul smells that can put off visitors and guests. So the next time you smell something funny, be sure try these convenient and affordable solutions out!


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