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20 Quick Ways To Decorate Your Small Bathroom

Decorating Your Bathroom
Written by Team Urban Tree

However we clean our homes and maintain the look and feel, the health and hygiene of the entire family majorly depends upon how we maintain our bathroom that we use multiple times every day. Small or big, this room has a great impact on your hygiene and your guests’ major portion of the judgement is decided here. So, why keep it simple and boring and why not add to make it big and quirky? Listed below are some quick ways to decorate your small bathroom and transform the space completely.

1.) Tiles play a major part in defining the space of your room. Always consider where the tiles start and finish so that the pattern is maintained throughout. Prefer big tiles with neutral colors to small ones.

2.) If your walls are dark, let all the toiletries be light colored. Go with all white or all light. Painting the different colors on every side of the wall will chop the entire room into small compartments and make it look smaller.

3.) The higher the shelves, the better the look. It will make eyes look upward, creating the illusion of a big room.

4.) If you have mirrors inside bathroom, be it a large one. Let it extend from the ceiling to the sink. Install larger ones and more mirrors if you can and feel more spacious.

5.) Add hooks everywhere you can and hang in towels and soap bars. Utilize the entire space effectively by hanging towels even on the backside of the door.

6.) Don’t dump your sink, shelves and the counter with too many products. Keep the space less cluttered and open. Don’t keep any object without a purpose.

7.) Install built-in shelves that naturally look like they’re part of the room by giving them the same color as of the wall behind. Doing it this way wouldn’t make them stick out as a separate piece of furniture.

8.) Putting the shower in the corner of the bathroom is a great idea for making a small room look bigger.

9.) Try adding plants in your bathroom. You can either place it next to the mirror or just hang it from the ceiling and liven up your space.

10.) Light up your bathroom by letting in a lot of sunshine and make it look visually vast. Try sheer window coverings to maximize the light.

11.) If you have the habit of placing laundry bins inside the bathroom which many don’t, try placing it below the wash basin sink and save space.

12.) The most underutilized space in any bathroom is the one above the toilet seat. Build simple shelves above it and make use of the space wisely.

13.) Prefer horizontal wash basin sink to a round or oval one.

14.) The height of the room can actually be exaggerated by changing the style of the tile or the color in the upper third section of the wall.

15.) Have a rich lighting facility and make the space feel brightened. Have different bulbs placed so that light flows in from different directions.

16.) If your bathroom is rectangle or oddly shaped, there will be only one wall that looks longer than the rest, drawing the eyes. Add quirky DIY shelves and let it look classy.

17.) Let the floor tile continue into the shower floor and rise above. It will trick the human eye into seeing a much larger space.

18.) The color of the wall and the ceiling should match as closely as possible. The lesser the deviation from the colors, the larger the space will appear.

19.) Don’t let the bathmat always lie on the floor. Put them away when not in use. They will eventually make your floor space look smaller.

20.) A great yet a less-used way to open up a small bathroom is to use a wall-hung toilet. Though the area beneath the toilet seat can’t be used for anything, the visibility of the floor than the huge porcelain throne will make the room feel double its size.

Many of the few small changes like these to your small bathroom shall definitely make drastic differences in opening up the space. It’s all just about creating an illusion of the existing space. Say goodbye to the old, boring and small bathroom and create the bathroom of your dreams by incorporating these simple hacks. Try whatever you can and let us know in the comments if you liked them.

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