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7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Written by Team Urban Tree

Welcome to the summer!! April is season of spring but the rise in temperature is unbearable that it feels like summer already. There are deaths reported in the country due to heat waves and right now all we can think of is how are we going to survive when the temperatures hit the peak. Having the peak summer months ahead of us where many people fall ill due to the high temperature, one has to figure out some ways to keep our body as well as our  house cool;  as this is where, for most of us, a majority of our day is spent.

Not all of us can afford to put up an air conditioner or install air coolers in every room of our house. Hence, we provide you with a list of few easy ways you can beat the heat and relax this summer:

1. Keep your windows open at night: Avoid opening the windows during the day time as it may let  the warm air inside. Try to cover the balcony doors and  the windows with blinds or curtains for majority of the day. And do the exact opposite during the nights as this helps in ventilating and circulating the cool air  keeping the house cool.          

2. Conservation measures: Whenever and wherever possible, try to delay or reduce the use of appliances which generate heat during its working in the day time. Try to keep the activities such as the use of stove, oven, dishwashers etc. as much as you can to the darker hours of the day. Try to unplug the electronic appliances like television and computers when not in use. Place the appliances in a place where there is  proper ventilation for the heat to move out.

3. Choose the fabrics to cover the bed wisely: Try to avoid fabrics like polyester and silk for  bed sheets in summer as they do not let the air pass through them. Rather switch to breathable fabric like cotton or light colored linens. Also, you can try out wiping or slightly dampening your bed sheet with fabric dipped in ice cold water as this will help the bed to be cool and you can then relax on.

4. Use table/portable fans for cooling: Use a table top or a portable fan for more air circulation and bring down the temperature of your room.. It not only uses less energy when compared to ceiling fans but also gives you an opportunity to place them at a place or direction according to your convenience. . You can also try to place a bowl of ice cold water in front of the fan as that helps in cooling down the breeze that is generated by the fan. One or a multiple fans can be placed across your window or balcony in a way that the wind from outside runs through the fan and helps in cooling down the breeze that comes in thereby increasing the air circulation.

5. Minimize the usage of hot water: Usage of hot water for different activities can heat up the air and create humidity in the house. Try to minimize or avoid using hot water for baths as it creates excess heat.. Turn on the bathroom exhaust fan while bathing as it helps in removing the excess heat and humidity created and keep it on for some minutes post bathing.

6. Use sun reflecting paints on the terrace floor: If you have an open terrace, paint the terrace floor with sun reflecting paints. This helps greatly in reducing the heat in the house.   

7.  Cost effective Methods to Beat the Heat: Another easy and cost effective way to bring down the temperature in the house is to spray cold water on all the walls and roofs. If you are the one who lives on the top floor of the building, pouring water on the terrace helps to bring down the temperature of the house.

These are the few proven cost effective methods to beat the heat this summer. If you have any more suggestions do share it with us in the comments below.

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