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Written by Team Urban Tree

Chennai has become a hub of luxury and class, and this in turn has attracted many builders to construct ultra luxury apartments in several parts of Chennai. Ultra luxury apartments are different from normal apartments in only few ways which range from size to amenities provided.

The size of an apartment is becoming a great concern nowadays because of the high pricing and less availability of space in the city. Buyers should be careful in making proper use of how whatever amount of space they have in a room and there are few ideas which can enhance the same.

Creativity is the primary source to make the most of apartments with less space. People can pool in ideas to save space. For instance, designing loft beds or cupboards under the stairs and building closets which occupy less space are rather more beneficial than traditional cupboards.

Another important step is having as much open space as possible as this creates the illusion of a spacious home. It could also mean something as simple as having chairs, couches and other furniture with exposed feet instead of covers or other materials that go all the way to the floor. The more floors you can see, the more open and airy a room will feel.

Windows in small rooms are a boon but closing them up with big curtains can result in making the room smaller than it already is. People should be careful to make the most out of a window and try leaving it open as the view adds to the rooms presence on the whole. Another way to maximise space is to ensure the floor is clear of storage, such as bookcases, magazine baskets or racks and instead create shelves and cabinets on walls. By moving items up from the floor you also improve the feel of a room.

Lastly, go all out and have fun with bright colours for your rooms, from the wide variety available in the market; like painting a small bedroom in a cheerful hue to create an instant and a lasting impact.

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