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5 Secrets to Make Your Family Happy At Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

All of us have some sort of idea of how our dream home must look like. Some of us would want to have a pool, others dream on a beautiful backyard or aesthetic interiors, some prioritise on sustainability, or integration of natural elements in their homes. We dream on unique homes. No matter what it is that makes your dream home unique, there are few things one need to consider before investing big on buying a new house to make your family feel happy and relaxed while living in a dream home.

1. Locality :

Where your house is located has to be a prime focus. Some prefer homes in a busy city, whilst some want their homes away from the city buzz. Choose your locality before you make a decision to buy a house. We advise you to buy homes that is surrounded by good roads and is safe for your children and women in the house.

I mean you don’t want to sit around like this and wait until your dear ones reach home


2. Market, Bus stop or Railway station:

Check that the house you are eyeing for a while now is located in a place where daily market is not too far. Also check if there is local Bus stop or a railway station nearby to make commuting easy. You would have found that one house where your soul can connect. But seriously, come on, get real! Sure you don’t want to end up like this bunny after buying your grocery or an eraser for your 5 year old son.


3. Availability of Basic Amenities:

Another important aspect while buying a house is to check on Water supply and Sanitation in your locality. Do not compromise on this. Never. Do your research before you buy your house.

Sure you don’t want to run behind water lorries in Chennai at the sight of it.


 4. Play-area:

Happy children make happy homes. Choose your homes that has sufficient place for your children to play. Infact if there is a park or play area for kids, then nothing like that!



5. Neighbours:

Neighbours build your community. Good neighbours make good friends. When you buy your new house make time and put in efforts to know your neighbours. If you are too busy to spend time to get to know each other how about a one friendly wave each day. It is nice to connect with neighbours but not always easy. Before you expect how your neighbourhood should be start from you.

If you do this,


sure they will do this to you the moment you turn away.


It’s not where you are; it is who you are.


So if you have the above checked in on your priority list, then go for it. You might not have found your perfect dream house, but you sure have found a class ‘A’ house.


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