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7 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day 2017 in Chennai

valentine day
Written by Team Urban Tree

Valentine’s Day brings with it many events and activities that couples enjoy together. Chennai is a great place that lights up on Valentine’s Day. With its ever-eventful vibe and bustle, Chennai is an exciting place to be in the weeks around February 14th. Here are some of the much-awaited events.

Every year on February 14th, events celebrating joy and mirth, bring happiness to many people. Valentine ’s Day seeks to provide warmth and splendor to those who share special bonds. Chennai is long known to be an eventful city. It comes as no surprise that various events around the city hope to spread the same message this year too. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming events.

Couple’s Yoga by Hari and Jolly, Anna Nagar

This particular class aims to bring together partners in a relationship closer by celebrating their bond. The event starts in the morning at 7 and is for an hour. Couples can walk in even if they are not members of the Yoga studio in which it is taking place. Yoga is known to rejuvenate the mind and body. This will be a perfect setting to undertake the relaxation with a loved one.

Thai Sabai Spa

The Spa offers many different varieties of massages to pamper the couple this Valentine’s day. The serene aura that surrounds a massage setting is something to look forward to with your special someone.

Modeling and Fashion Photography workshop, Lights on Studio, Pvt Ltd, Saidapet

For those that are not into mushy and overly romantic gestures, this is an ideal workshop to collaborate with your partner and spend the day together. This workshop promises to dwell into the workings of a camera and a behind the scenes look into photography. Participants can also engage with one another and share tips and tricks and of course, learn insights shared by trained professionals.

T.Nagar Thiruvizha, Curated by Tamara

It is customary to exchanges gifts and tokens of joy with partners on Valentine’s Day. Instead of getting clichéd items of gifting, it is worth exploring the various different purchases that can make your partner happy.  This event aims to do exactly that. It is ideal to set out on your pre-Valentine’s day shopping here.

Backpacker Wanderers, Adyar

This promises the perfect way to unwind with the special ones in your life through a two-day trek. Nishani Motte that is in Coorg is the destination. Activities include treks, ridge walk and a stay in the wilderness.

Couples can spend quality time together away from the hectic schedule.

Global Isai Festival, Velachery

Various bands from Korea, Mauritius, Reunion Islands etc. are coming to showcase their rich cultural heritage. This promises to be an ultimate music fest with collaborations by 20 artistes across various genres. Couples can bask in their common love of music and enjoy the Valentine’s Day with unique songs.

Pondicherry Heritage Festival

Dances, music, photo walks etc. are just some of the activities that are part of the festival. Couples can spend the day looking at different lesser-known aspects of the well-known city, while enjoying great food and drinks. Exhibitions and guided tours are also organized which require prior registration.

These are some of the events that are taking place in and around the city. Most of these activities can be enjoyed as an individual, with a group of friends or with a special someone. Valentine ’s Day is not just for those in relationships, but to all who have much love to celebrate in their life. So, go out regardless of your relationship status and enjoy the different events that are taking place across the city.

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