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Stylish Ways To Use Indoor Plants In Your Home Décor

Written by Team Urban Tree

We as human beings always long for beautiful homes. At the end of the day, there is nothing like coming back to a beautiful home. So we do many things to make it look at its best that will suit our tastes. . While it is not possible to revamp your entire home every time you feel like , you can incorporate a few basic changes in the décor to change the look of your house. Changing drapes, cushion covers or even painting a wall is a good idea. But it involves huge money.

We have a better and a different idea for you! Have you tried infusing indoor plants in your décor? Indoor plants are not only highly beneficial to the health but it also adds to the style statement of the house. Yes you read that right! Indoor plants can amp up the look of your home. Read further to know the stylish ways to use indoor plants in your décor.

Plants on centre table:

Indoor plants placed strategically at the centre table look extremely stylish. Place them either individually or with other show pieces to add a touch of glamour.

Plants on centre table

The important thing to keep in mind while placing the plant on the table is the size of the plant.  The smaller the size of the plant the better it looks. If you want to go all bold, placing two or more tiny pots of plants together look extremely amazing!

Plants on centre table4

The point is that pots of varying sizes make the décor look elegant and thoughtful. Another idea that we like is placing the pot with the plant in a bigger pot and adding little details to it such as pebbles and small showpieces.  Nothing more stylish than that!

The side-table look:

The side-table look-2

Another beautiful way to stylishly place indoor plants is placing it either on side tables or shelves. This keeps them away from children knocking them down. It also fills the empty space your drawer shelves have.

The side-table look

To spruce up the space, keep the indoor plants with frames and tiny showpieces around it. Stacking plants also look very chic and stylish. Another interesting idea would be to keep books beside the plant. Nothing adds more poise and class than incorporating books in your décor.

The floor idea:

The age-old idea of placing the plants on floor never ceases to amaze!l. It is the best way to accommodate big plants inside the house. There are different kinds of plants  available in the market and you have a wide variety to choose from. Select something that goes with your décor.

floor ideas

To make things interesting you can use colourful pots for your plants. It is the best way to infuse glamour in your home. Another idea that we love is placing plants at the entrance of the home.  It gives a positive vibe and also adds style.

floor ideas-2

Plants are life and plants add life. We now have used plants to add style in our homes. They are simple and easily available and have a good impact in styling your home. These are a few basic tricks to use indoor plants creatively in your décor. If you have more tips and tricks, do share them with us.

Plant Hangers

Hanging plants will never cease to amaze us! They are a wonderful idea to accommodate plants inside the house without taking space. All we are saying is you don’t have to make space for a side table to place them. They are best on balconies, sit outs or next to French windows. Ideas for Bedroom & Living Room

Plant Hangers

If your living room is small, you can use succulents to decorate a corner or use the centre table look. Placing a small floral plant or ferns next to bed side table will be refreshing. If you have the room to accommodate big plants, go bold and place towering plants on the floor in a big pot. The pot colours can be matched to your décor. This way a simple room will spruce up with life and freshness.

Freshen up your Dining and Kitchen

The simplest idea is to place a small plant on the table or use florals on the dining table. Adding a small life into the room will just liven up the entire place.

Freshen up your Dining and Kitchen-1

Near the kitchen window, you can grow spices and small greens like parsley in small colourful pots or to spice it up, you can grow them on tea cups. While you decorate your kitchen, you can always use what you grow in your cooking.

Throw some green to your Bathrooms

Yes! Even your bathroom can make use of some freshness as well. You can place plants on your bathroom wall or have an accent wall featuring natural stone/ wood decorated with fresh plants to give it an aesthetic look. If you want to keep it simple and less work, a simple money plant placed in a bottle next to the window or washbasin will do wonders.


Now that’s few of the ideas, you can always get creative in using the type of plants and match the color code of the flowers and pots to your décor.  So why wait? Bring in few plants home and start falling in love with your home all over again.

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