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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Invest in Perumbakkam!

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Written by Team Urban Tree

We’ve all heard about the real estate scenario of Perumbakkam in numerous advertisements in newspapers, on the radio and many more. A suburb of Chennai it has literally nothing to offer. It is of great antiquity and is now considered to be one of the fast-developing suburbs of Chennai. So we’ve a slightly different message to tell you: don’t invest in Perumbakkam.

Yes. Don’t. What could possibly be special about that place? It’s not like:

1. Hop, Skip & Jump to your Work Place!



Perumbakkam has developed a reputation as the place to be for people having a job in the IT field as it is only few kilometers from the fast developing IT corridor OMR. Now who would not want to travel to their IT offices in a bus with their colleagues in the early morning hours? Having homes close to office is so passe right now so this is a definite no no!

2. Scarcity of Restaurants!



When you drive by Perumbakkam, you can see a plethora of restaurants like Saravana Bhavan, Dominos, KFC, The Cascade etc. Name the cuisine and Perumbakkam has it! But this isn’t really a healthy practice is it? A neighbourhood that has all the top notch eateries is not good for one’s kitchen. Another reason to strike off investing here!

3. Convenient Transport!



Well we’re sorry to break it to you that Perumbakkam has good transportation and connectivity which makes all our lives easier. But being used to the traffic laden, Metro-project laden Chennai, we’re too accustomed to the diversions and traffics that moving just spoils the whole experience! The suburb is also well connected to other parts of the city and neighbouring suburbs! Ugh. So, moving along, here’s the next reason:

4. Excellent Housing Facilities!



But who needs a property in the suburbs when you can live in dear, dear city life? After all, the housings have excellent amenities (amenities? what are they?!) and what not?

5. Simply a Bad Idea for NRIs!


Why must NRIs invest in a Perumbakkam property from Chennai of all places?! Here’s why you should not: NRIs!

6. Nature, oh Nature, Where Art Thou?


Are you one of those who just cannot stand the thought of being surrounded by greenery, fresh air and a massive lake (yes a lake!)? Then definitely strike off Perumbakkam from your list. We wouldn’t want you to develop an allergy now, would we? Avoid it like the plague!

7. Schools and Colleges! ­


Hate being surrounded by schools that are in close proximity to your residence? We agree. Who would like the constant chiming of the hourly bell (argh!) or the clamour of chatter, horns and shrieks of children twice a day?! We definitely think schools and colleges must be as far away from the children’s homes as possible! Convenience first after all as Perumbakkam is home to a number of private schools and colleges that surround the properties!

8. Close Proximity to the Airport!



Perumbakkam is just a matter of hop, skip and jump to the airport. Not literally, but the drive to the airport is only about 11-15 minutes. Don’t believe anyone who tells you this, it’s a lie.

9. Budget Friendly Properties!


Budget homes are so yesterday. When somebody tells you budget homes are available for investing at Perumbakkam, don’t believe them, just laugh it off! Instead, read here and decide for yourself!

10. Make our Oxygen Property your Home!

Not just a property but make our Oxygen property your home! When you are looking for a property to invest at Perumbakkam, choose a home that is not just spread with 9.03 acres ranging between 421 sq. ft. and 1548 sq. ft but also a property that has been awarded the Environmental Clearance certificate by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change. Oxygen is an outcome of the use of climate responsive design, intelligent technology and the most ideal construction materials to ensure maximum heat reduction, minimum energy consumption, regular cross ventilation and limitless supply of clean air along with copious potable groundwater. Oxygen hosts 628 flats in Perumbakkam comprising 1BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK!


Read more here: or call our customer care for a free pick up to visit our property at 044 – 400 00 300!

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