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Why Should You Invest in a Green Homes?

Written by Team Urban Tree

How many of us know what a green home is? Green homes are environment friendly and sustainable. They focus on the efficient use of energy, water and building materials. There are a lot of benefits that come with staying in green homes.

Living in Chennai during summers is nothing less than being at a desert. The high temperatures make it impossible to bear the heat and the extreme humidity due to the presence of sea adds fuel to the fire.  This is when living in green homes seems like a boon.


Is it profitable to invest in green homes?

Why would you opt for green homes? Is it profitable to invest in green homes? We say yes! We give you valid reasons to invest in green homes. Investing in green homes has monetary, health and environmental benefits!

Monetary benefits

Green homes are sustainable and durable and save the cost of replacement and regular maintenance. They provide natural lighting which help in saving energy by 20%-30%. Reduced electricity charges are a monetary benefit we all seek. We can also save 30-50 % of water! The materials used in building green homes are recyclable which are reasonable alternatives and helps in saving money big time.

Health benefits

Green homes provide healthier home environment through better indoor air quality. They reduce the temperature inside home giving a cooling effect. Nothing better than this during the scorching heat! There are also purer ventilation systems in green homes — the air is cleaner. Instead of recycling stale indoor air, fresh outdoor air is continuously brought into the home, promoting a healthier indoor environment. Here, the homes are built using heat reducing glass panes which reflects sunlight thereby preventing the heat entering the rooms. Another quality of green home is the use of French style windows which enhances natural flow of air into the house. They are constructed with gypsum plastering on interior walls which reduce outside heat being transferred through the walls, therefore keeping the home cosy. Green homes come with extensive landscaping. More greenery around the buildings ensures good quality air thus keeping you healthy.

Environmental benefits

The materials used in building green homes are eco-friendly. They are also recyclable which results in lesser negative emissions in the environment. Using renewable and clean energy sources lessens our reliance on fossil fuels and other depleting resources.

Green homes have extensive landscaping which ensures more greenery around the buildings to ensure the circulation of fresh air. As part of IGBC certification mandate, the building design is made such that it ensures more sunlight and more natural air inside the homes. All Urban Tree homes are IGBC certified and safe for healthy living.

Green homes are not only cost effective and environmental friendly, but also save us from the scorching heat. If you or your family members often fall sick due to heat, it is high time you move into a green home as it reduces the heat inside the house to a great extent. Make a smart investment this year, there is nothing better than investing in green homes. Urban Tree homes offer green homes with state of the art architecture, all the amenities and luxurious homes at affordable prices.

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