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9 Quick Ideas to Make Your Home Winter Ready

Written by Team Urban Tree

Winter does bring in a new season, a welcoming change from the oppressive heat of summers and the wet and damp monsoons. Home is the center of your family’s universe and a kind of fulcrum around which your life revolves. And because of this you need to get your home ready for different seasons. Winter season, even if it is not uncomfortably cold, it does get a tad dull and gloomy in most parts of the country. To make your home winter ready, you need to brighten it up and give the interior a totally different feel and a new perspective, as compared to other seasons. This different feel would primarily refer to the colors and lighting, and also to the way the interior spaces are organized.  So, to help you make your home winter ready, here are 10 quick ideas.

#1 Sealing of doors and windows:

During winters, a cold draught of air late at night or early in the morning may not be welcome. We need to keep the outer doors closed or seal them appropriately depending upon the prevailing temperatures. Windows too could be similarly treated. The aim should be to make your home warm and cozy for everyone at home.

#2 Color Scheme:

It is the play of colors that helps to brighten any interior. For the winters, bright yellows and oranges is the way to go, if only to compensate for the missing sunshine. Even gold and some light shades may be good for some spaces. For this, one doesn’t have to make major changes to the interior. Just change the top layer of upholstery; cushions and bolsters in the living room, table coverings in the dining room, and bed linen in the bed rooms. Some extra mirrors with decorative frames on the wall would also add to the effect.

#3 Drapes and curtains:

During winters we should get our thick drapes and curtains out for use. They may play a part in keeping the cold out, but more importantly they help transform the interior for the new season. During daytime, sun light should be allowed in and the curtains could be drawn at nightfall.

#4 Carpet and rugs:

These too play an important role in keeping us warm and cozy. During the winter season therefore, don’t leave the floor bare. It is the time for the fluffy rugs and thick carpets to be put to use. Colorful rugs and carpets also serve to brighten up the interior and provide a good layering effect to the interior.

#5 Create low seating:

We could make an impromptu low seating, using thick mattresses and a lot of cushions. This should be done in a well sealed room which has good natural light during daytime and some bright artificial light at night. This area is sure to become a favorite place for reading, chatting, listening to music or for watching movies. This leisure space should be organized in a spontaneous manner and could change for the following season.

#6 Good artificial lighting:

Winter is the time when it gets cold outside, and dull inside. It is necessary to brighten up the home with good artificial lighting. Use of table lamps and even colored lighting is recommended. Lamps do add color and brightness to the interior in their own unique way. Unlike soft lighting in summers, you could go for brighter lighting in the winter months.

#7 Light candles:

Candles have their own romantic way to improve the ambience. As we spend more time in the indoors, we need to make the environment fragrant. Use of aromatic candles is thus a good idea. A few sticks of cinnamon can also be fastened to large candles to make the environment healthy and fragrant both. Cinnamon fragrance stays for a long time and easily wafts through the entire house.

#8 Flowers:

There is nothing like flowers to brighten up any place. In fact flowers are a great mood enhancer for people of all ages. So, use flowers of different colors and place them in different spaces to make the ambience bright and attractive for everyone. Flowers could be fresh or even artificial. Green plants too are for all seasons and they make the environment soothing and enhance the coziness coefficient. But, do change the arrangement of flowers and placement of plants, to welcome the new season.

#9 Get your memories up close:

While during summers we like to reduce the layers and minimize any clutter, winter is the time to get everything out, especially those items that evoke pleasant memories. Be it a photo frame, a wall hanging that we bought from that memorable Europe trip, or those photo albums that remind us of moments that we cherish; they should be out and accessible in winter to allow a quick trip down the memory lane, over a hot cup of coffee.

Winter is thus a time to keep warm and cozy; but more importantly it heralds a new season which should be welcomed to our home in a way that is different from other seasons. Whether it is the color scheme of the interior, or the lighting or the new seating; winter should bring a pleasant change to our home and give it a new feel, for us to cherish for rest of the year.

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