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Originated in Italy and dominating the world! Pizzas are the most preferred Fast food item all over the globe. The popularity is such that the most commonly used hashtag on Instagram is #Pizza! Pizzerias are one of the common hangout places among youngsters. They have grown to be a popular place to socialize and people come here for birthday parties, marriage proposals, and many other occasions. In short, Pizzerias have become an integral part of the lives of many people. But are they restricted only to pizzas? Not exactly!

Here is a list of a few things you can try when you walk into a Pizzeria.

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A simple snack which is the primary choice of a side dish at many Pizzerias. It was originated in Italy with the concept of grilled bread with a garlic essence infused in it to make the test a notch better. The toppings which were being used was salt and olive oil. But now they come in the form of baguette bread and baked sticks and they cover a wide variety of toppings like cheese, corn, onions, capsicums, and so many more. Cheesy garlic bread is a crowd puller in most Pizzerias.

garlic bread spread


Every Pizzeria has its own set of special appetizers and a few common ones. Hash Browns for breakfast and French fries and potato wedges are some of the most widely available appetizers in Pizzerias. Most of these are deep-fried items that go well with baked Pizzas. Poppers of various flavours like Cheese, jalapenos, potatoes are very popular and other options would include Chicken nuggets and poppers. They are available at a comparatively cheaper price and are a great snack option to munch on while waiting for the main course.


Yet another main course apart from a pizza that you can go for is the pasta. It’s another fan-favourite that comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavours. The most commonly used pasta in the Indian market is the Macaroni, Penne, Spaghetti, and the Fusilli. Pizzerias have an option of various pasta flavours like the Cheesy White sauce, Tangy red sauce, the green Pesto, the spicy Arrabbiata and many more. They are usually accompanied by garlic bread and make one hell of a main course. But a more popular variant is the Mac and Cheese, a cheesy gooey variant that has both kids and grownups hooked to it.


No meal is complete without a drink to accompany. After a heavy meal, everyone needs a little something to wash it down, and Pizzerias have a huge list. From the hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolate to cold ones like soft drinks and mocktails, Pizzerias have a big list of drinks to choose from. Apart from these, many Pizzerias have their signature fizzy drinks that make them stand out of the crowd and that makes people come in for more. Many Pizzerias come with both normal options and options for diet conscious people by having zero sugar items on their menu.


Desserts are a great meal ender. In India, you can find desserts being eaten in between the meal as well as in end. Cakes, pastries, muffins, cupcakes are the usual choice to go for, but the trend has moved and has brought more fancy items on the card. You can now order cheesecakes, sizzling brownies, tiramisus, and many other baked desserts.

Yet another popular choice can be Ice creams, waffles or frozen desserts that are gaining wide popularity these days. Something cold, after something hot, is great satisfaction at the end of the heavy meal.


Every pizza lover, at one point of time, becomes health-conscious, and the dilemma arises whether to eat the delicious pizza or not. Well, Pizzerias have got them covered too. Pizzerias provide salad as the main course as well as the side course. The Salad in the main course has heavy protein contents like egg, meat, and cheese. Side course salads have a huge concentration of vegetable and fruits in it. Few of the salads that are seen commonly are Fresh green salad, Panzanella salad (Tomato and bread salad), Potato salad (potato with sauce), Sesame chicken salad (chicken strip with vinegar and soya sauce), and Caesar salad (Mix of cream and crunch).

salads for lunch

Who says Pizzerias are only meant for Pizzas. The times have changed and the menu has widened. Be it for business or to stand out in competition, the list of varieties is endless and to truly check out what all you can order, why not walk into one and check it right away! Are you a die-hard Pizza lover? Or do you prefer something else when you walk into a pizza shop? Let us know!

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