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Top 10 Restaurants for Yummy Briyani in Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

If ‘so much love’ could be confined in a small (Ok, medium) pot for Chennaites, it is just BRIYANI! What makes Chennai without the aroma of Briyani? Be it the ever-crowding street shops or the luxurious hotels, the craving for this heavenly food is always at a boom. If you’re that ardent Briyani lover, you’re sure going to click every Social Media icon down here in this article. So, read on to explore few of the best Briyani eateries in Chennai, just for the hardcore Briyani lover in you.

#1 Hotel Kalyana Bhavan Briyani

Drop in to this hotel anywhere between 1 pm to 2 pm, and it will be super crowded. But, the taste here is worth the wait. It is simply the Mutton lovers’ paradise for its tender pieces will melt in your mouth. The serving has a really good quantity of Briyani with Brinjal curry, Raitha and a sweet. Not many places are known for its delicious Brinjal curry, but the one you get here has earned its own set of fans. Other than this the simple ambience and a variety-less menu, just serves the purpose. Also, it is budget-friendly!

Address: Egmore & Parrys

Price: Rs.250 for two

#2 Bismi Briyani

Feels like you’ve come across this name very often? If yes, you’re invariably surrounded by a good set of Briyani lovers. Cheers to them! Because, Bismi is one place that is worth all the hype it has. Soups, Noodles, Nethili, Prawn, Shawarma, Barbeque, Fish varieties, Chopseys and so much more. You’ll be spoilt with a variety of meat choices at the glance of their menu. The consistency of the taste, the balanced flavor, the top notch service is all that BISMI is famous for.

Address: Nungambakkam

Price: Rs.650 for two

#3 Dindigul Thalapakkati Restaurant

The glittery post of Dindigul Thalapakatti is almost seen in every jam-packed road in Chennai, is it not? They’re extensively spread across the city and that’s the height of their Briyani reach. Rooted to our own tradition is their recipe of Seeraga samba rice Briyani, which is said to have zero taste purely absorbs the flavors of the spices. This special blend makes Dindigul Thalapakatti, the most sought-after place for Briyani lovers. Definitely, a perfect go-to option who those who love to have yummy Briyani in an authentic ambiance.

Address: Multiple locations

Price: Rs. 650 for two

#4 Charminar Briyani Centre

Hyderabadi Dum Briyani – It bags a place in almost every Briyani caterer’s menu. But, who has that traditional touch of Dum and spices in it, is all that matters. Charminar stands ahead here, as the ORIGINAL Hyderabadi Dum Briyani makers, as they source most of their spices from Hyderabad. And, only 2 tablespoons of oil are being used for every kilogram of Briyani!! (That’s perfect for the health-conscious-you, right?) Charminar has a sizeable menu and they have named their dishes really crazy. Not to forget, Charminar is the only place in Chennai where Chicken & mutton is mixed with the rice from the initial stage. Yes, you get a mixture of Chicken & Mutton Briyani also!! Go give your tummy a Charminar treat!!

Address: Royapettah

Price: Rs.300 for two

#5 Parambriym

True to its name, 100% veetu sapadu! Parambriym caters to offer exotic dishes by fusing traditional methods of cooking with the latest technology while flagging a strict NO to artificial flavors. It’s the perfect place for family dining and office gathering. All the dishes here are rich in south Indian flavors which calls for a definite try and what an ambience! Inhaling the smell of tradition while climbing up the stairs, the age old vessels, the pleasant lightings and the antique statues portraying our culture that dates back to years will embrace you. One should definitely not miss this Parambriya Briyani!

Address: Multiple locations

Price: Rs.600 for two

#6 Paradise Briyani

One more hunger-pit for the Hyderabadi Briyani fans! The Briyani is just lip-smacking with the aroma of ghee that goes in a delicious way with the masala. Mutton Briyani is their signature dish. Oh, yeah, they’re known for their varieties of kebabs also. And for those calm herbivores, vegetarian Briyani is just impeccable here! Yes, you heard that! So, wait for what, when you have the best veg & non-veg delicacies under one roof? Book a table right away and woe your taste buds! (Don’t miss their Double-ka-Meeta!)

Address: Perungudi & Thiruvanmiyur

Price: Rs.900 for two

#7 Aasife Briyani

Aasife needs NO introduction as they’ve already set a benchmark in the Briyani world, from their unique taste, consistency, spacious waiting area, ample parking space, exquisite ambience, friendly service and to what not. Just to everything Briyani, they’re AMAZING! So, asking about the quality of Briyani? How a small store that served just 10kgs per day would have risen to a massive serving of tons of Briyani every day, without that quality of QUALITY? There, I said it!

Address: Multiple locations

Price: Rs.800 for two

#8 Ya Mohideen Briyani

It would have been a big curse if Pallavaram Ya Mohideen Briyani is not listed here! Want proof? You should see the road that gets completely blocked during lunch hours. Though Pallavaram is not in our vicinity, a Briyani person will travel any miles to taste Mohideen’s briyani that comes with a boiled egg, curry, raitha & sweet. Take-aways are more here compared to the dine-ins, due to its moderate outlook.

Address: Pallavaram

Price: Rs.400 for two

#9 Sukkubhai Briyani

Did someone scream Beef? You did? Sukkubhai is your paradise then. The finger-licking beef Briyani that you get here is mindblowing! You also get beef cutlet and beef curry which is infamously delicious. So, Sukkubhai is just everything beef. They’re also known for their prompt delivery. Visit Sukkubhai, get yourself grooved and walk out with a happy tummy.

Address: Alandur

Price: Rs.200 for two

#10 Maplai

Give yourself a not-so-spicy trail of South Indian briyani only at Maplai, Nungambakkam. Originated from Madurai, they for sure stick to the traditional blend of spices for their popular mutton Briyani. Their menu stands out from the lot more non-vegans with huge varieties. So, grab on that Maplai Virundhu and enjoy the feast without drilling a hole in your wallet.

Address: Nungambakkam & Neelankarai

Price:Rs.1000 for two

Tempted enough? Ping your buddies right away and head on to any of these Briyani spots. But, come back and comment below on how you liked it and spread knowledge to your fellow Briyani-mates!! Happy eating!

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